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The day we first met 
our beginning of being 
friend for one year, 
you start to have a massive 
crush on me,
you were too early 
to fall in love with me, 
you were just like high school 
version of me 
you were desperate of 
having me as a girlfriend, 
you had the exact feelings 
when I was in high school 
didn’t do anything to hurt you, 
you thought I hurt you in reality 
you didn’t notice what other people
said to me or what they did to me, 
they caused me to become one of them 
that I didn't mean to become, 
you thought I was using you 
honestly, that is not true 
in my high school days 
my teachers only loved 
my positive side of me, 
not the disabled version of me 
I am also being used by 
my teacher, 
you didn’t notice what I was 
feeling in two final years of 
high school, 
you didn’t have the courage 
to said to me,“ you think you can 
play with my emotions you can’t 
treat me that way, after all, we spent time 
with each other”.
I didn’t have the courage 
say that to a few of my teachers 
I was the past you 
when we were together when I was at the beginning of high school 
I was just like you, 
I was also extremely busy, 
I do things on my own 
at a very young age 
On my first day of high school, 
I know how much you don’t care 
everything I went through in my 
high school days, 
you should understand my high school past 
because I went through the exact situation 
you were in, 
know you are not on the exact path I am now 
I never notice how much we both felt 
the exact feelings as each other, 
I do have shared experiences same as you 
that you can’t deny it
that was our tie that can’t be cut, 
don’t be raging anger at me 
this wasn’t my fault, or I am the blame 
our shared experiences can't be broken.


  • wow this peace is strong so much power and emotion 👏

    May 04, 2022

  • May 05, 2022

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