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Everyday its deja vu
But not this time
Just know the trick is you
Got'em going out they mind

You're busy spinning and spinning 
Looking over your shoulder 
Losing but you should be winning
So I don't mind running your ass over

I told you this the last time
So many BIHHS are color blind 
Using ME you out your mind
15yrs not a damn dime

I'm done being passive aggressive
Fucking with you I missed my blessing.. boy you weren't the real connection
But you're about to learn a lesson

Retaliation is a must
After all of what you took ME THRU
The shit I did was never enough
That's because your love wasn't true

You just wanted how you could get it
Chasing the bag was your plan
Treating me like I wasn't shit
That was your last chance

So now I'll tell you again
You missed a dollar chasing a DIME
In this cold world of sin
I'm not dimming my light just to let you shine

Deja Vu!!


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