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While thinking all this things. 
At next day I went to school. At that day I went early for school. She used to came by school bus. When she reached the school. I wanna very scared what to do what not to do. What should I do when she came front of me. A lots of question where going in my mind. Suddenly I saw her she was sitting at the middle seat of the bus. And she too saw me.  But she haven't show  me any expression at that time. After that she stepped down from the bus I wann standing  at a small distance from her. She moving toward me. My body start shaking I getting nervous what to do. She came at me and say hey good Morning. In reply I say good morning. 
She show. A smile and moved to the class. 
Trust me it's was one of my best morning wishes I have ever received. After that I moved to the class. During the class time 
We both seeing each other. When I see she put her eye away and smile. And when she see me even i do the same. We both playing this game everyday..  As a time gone. We both gonna  know much about each other.  We both become a good friend of each other.  As a normal day me and she chatting on fb. I randomly asked her. 
Hey if you don't mine can I ask u something.  She said yaa why not you don't need permission for that. Me smiling and said okk. Then she said okk then tell what u wanna want to ask to me. 
Me - do you have any boyfriend or have crush on someone.??
She said  - no yrr i am not in relationship.
I don't have any boyfriend. 
ME - sure u not telling lies.
SHE - YAA I don't
After that she ask the same qus to me. 
Me - no even I don't have any girlfriend.
But I like a girl so much. 
She said how she is. Then I just denied to tell the name. 
But I give her a hint the girl is from our class.
Then she started guessing it she named all the girls name in our class. 
And I am saying no she is not she is not.
Then at the end she said 
Now I know who she is. I get socked and ask to her who just tell me. 
She said are u sure should I tell her name. 
I said yaa just tell me fast. 
Then she said whether is it me. 
I got silent I didn't know what to say. 
She Again asking me. 
Now I wanna get open to her.. 
And said all my feeling to her. 
Hey u know what from the first day when u came to the school from that day u wanna get trapped in My eyes. Yaa its Right that my eyes went on many girls but it stop only on you. When ever u come at front of me my heart beat increases.  But I can't get any chance to come and speak with u. 
And at the end I want to say something to u. 
I really love u a lots. Please be with me forever don't let me down. 

Want to know more what happen next.. 
Whether she rejected her proposal or accepted.. 
Just stayed tuned for next part - 3
              Atul upadhyay


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