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My twin sister and I were born on August 23th in 1980. while I was being born the inve cored got around my neck cutting my oxygen supply off for about 10 minutes. was having
seizures so I had to stay in the hospital for about a month they told my family that I have mixed cerebral palsy or cp. Witch is  Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of disorders that affect a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture. CP is the most common motor disability in childhood. Cerebral means having to do with the brain. Palsy means weakness or problems with using the muscles. . I 
had to be kept knot out so the doctor could get my seizures under control. And they had also to put a tube in my nose so I could eat. I finally got better enough to go home.  I can remember as a kid being on A lot of different medicine to try to stop my seizures but they All would had so many sides effects and some of the sides effects were. Made my grams bleeding or made me just sleep all the time and made me have more
seizures.  As I grow up my mom was always the one that would take care of me and my dad Took care of my sister. I went to a special needs school when I was about 3 where they help me learn how to talk some by sign language but I don't remember much being there but this big red chair that I used to sit in. Then when I was around the age of 5 I went to a new school called the children Center where I learned some sign language 
and then how to talk by my mouth .even though most people weren’t able to understand what I was saying besides the people who were around me a lot. While I was there they helped me learn how to use my body like making me stand up in a standard and they weren't really worried about my education. But I had great teachers that knew I was smart so they would have me in the class that teaches more. I can remember my first walker had a sit in It that I could use when I got tired. then when I was 7 my brother was born I can remember trying to play with my brother and hold him but because of my cp, my hands shake sometimes I would hurt him and he would cry, and then my dad yelled at me. About this time I got my first power wheelchair.  I thought I was something else lol. But I had to learn to drive it without hitting the walls with it. After that is when my dad got abused to my mom and me so I went to live with my grandparents on my mom's side my parents were devoted my dad got my sister and brother and my grandparents got me because my mom started to have a lot of meallty problems 
And wasn't herself. I  went to a normal middle school. Where I was in some special Ed classes and nonspecial classes and around this time was when I met my first girlfriend but no one else knew that we were dating we just told everyone that we were close friends. Because we both were scared people would try to keep us apart if they knew we were dating.  I was enjoying life and I thought I was safe with my grandparents but when I was About 12 my world was turned upside down because my grandpa started touching me and sexually Abusing me when my grandma was at work and when I got home from school. I didn’t tell anyone for about 2 years and then I told a close friend who help me to tell my grandma but she didn’t believe me so she didn’t do anything about it. So I didn't think that anyone else would believe me either.  I went on to high school and I was lucky enough to have the same one-on-one that I had in middle school. So we became close friends.  I broke up with my girlfriend. .  one day I was around the 10th grade I was in class and I couldn’t take it anymore so I just told my one on one that I need to talk to her so she took me to my special Ed classroom so it would be quite and my special Ed teacher would be there too by that time I was crying so they knew something was wrong and I just told them everything about my grandfather abusing me so they called the police and my grandparents had to come and the cops talk to them with me then they had me leave the room while they question my grandpa and grandma. my grandpa said that I was lying so he took a polygraph
 and he passed it I still don’t understand how he passed it and they did a rape test on me but since he never rapes me there wasn't any real physical proof that he did anything to me. Anyway, my family doesn’t believe it happened and still doesn’t. So I move to a children's hospital because I didn’t want to be at my lgrandparent's house and I tried to run away but the people live in that neighborhood called the cops and they called my grandma so they fallow me back to my grandparent's house and my family asked me why did I do that I was like because you don’t believe me. Shortly after that, I move to Amos college it is a place for kids with disabilities. I went there outpatient for physical therapy before I move in so I knew a few people that work there already while I was living there I got a feeding tube because I didn’t weigh much and it was hard to eat a lot but they put it in the wrong place the first time and it hurt all the time so they had to move it to another spot but after that, it saved my life but at that time I could still eat by mouth it just had to be blended up. Around the age of 17, I lost an important person in my life my mom. They are not sure what happened to cause my mom to pass away but before she died she wasn’t all herself. While I was at Amos Collage I talk to a Thepyer about the abuse, because I became very distressed and didn't really know how to what was going on but with the help of my celter
I learned that I was having flashbacks of the abuse. But I finally found A family to move in with and I went back to high school and Graduation in 2001 I walked across the stage with a walker. I probably worked on it for about a month at my graduation everyone stood up and cheer for me. After I graduated I went to a day program called The Enrichment Center and I got into pottery and art classes there but I relate to the staff more than the others disabled people who went there. I really love doing pottery and painting pictures or painting furniture. I also move in to a group home that I really hated because it was more for people who had mr (Mentally Retarded) I really hated living there and it was all men there but me. I won’t go into much Indetell but I shouldn’t never lived there, after about a year I found out about Bell House and Move in. I loved there I moved there it was a great place for people who have physical disabilities I learned how to go out using the public bus and more independent skills I was there for about 5 years and then my old foster mother talked me into moving to her old house with a lady so I did and I wish I never did. At first it was okay I went back to the enrichment center and I loved there but Living with the lady was so nuts and judgement about people who is gay like me so I move to my first own apartment: I lived there for a few years but I still didn’t like it because I didn’t have a bus stop near my apartment so I move to another apartment in Winston and I love it.  I don’t know why but I listened to some people and I dated a guy who I almost merry  but thank you lord i woke up and I knew that I didn’t want to be with A man so I ended it’ after I was living in my apartment for 5 years I would able to go and come when I found a church for GLBT all people I was happy met a lot of friends after  living there a few years I started to have problems with falling down. I didn’t want to fall and no one there so I decided to move back to the bell house and I loved it and made a lot more new friends and was with some old friends that was still living and working there from the first time I lived there, but sadly they didn’t All the benefit from Medicaid and because the state anymore and they had to close down  so once more I had to move but the only thing I couldn’t find that was wheelchair accessible and On low income It’s hard to find a one-bedroom apartment so I been living in a student Housing apartment for about 10years now and I want to get out and in my own place because my roommates are very missy and rude to me and my staff, I wish they were more housing opportunities for people who are in a wheelchair and on low income-based. I am still hoping that it will happen one day.  When I first move out of bell house I didn’t have good help for my aids and I was eating the same thing every week I lose A lot of weight and got sick ended  up at the hospital but lucky My case worker found a great  company PRC that help with everything that I can’t do independently and I have a job at PRC I work in the office,  I started to had problems with falling and my hip was hurting so much so I I had to have surgery on it and right after the pain was so much but After I got healed and worked with a pt it was the best thing I ever did. But 
sadly a lot of people that used to live at  bell house had pasted away because they didn’t get the care they needed and had at Bell House. Thanks for reading my story and I hope whatever your story is . you won’t never give up on your own goals and dreams.and no matter what please be yourself  and be happy 


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