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I understand that smile you had on your last photo that you took on that beautiful Saturday evening- March 5, 2022

That Joy you had, hidden behind that smile doesn't live me with a bit of doubt concerning what you hope

You're in my book and beyond
And on your journey through death road in your absence of life I know you ain't scared because...
You're standing face to face with death and you're saying with confidence- " Jehovah is my strength, Jehovah is my life, nobody can kill me, nobody can destroy me."

With all your might, yes! you stood erect in spite of the pain and pledge
You looked death straight into the eyeball and laugh at the face of danger 

Your faith indeed is a strong wage for you
It was then, it is now and gonna be forever

That is the way I design that smile I'm seeing on your face right now on your last photo
Go and come, you've got a lot to enjoy than you endured when you return back

Written by Allone SJ


  • Apr 30, 2022

  • May 01, 2022

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