The War Between Vampire's And Wolves Read Count : 84

Category : Stories

Sub Category : YoungAdult

Hounds of years ago lived vampires and wolves in harmony where everyone helped one another and did everything together, They where all friends so everyone thought anyways until a female wolf and a make vampire had a kid then everything went South in a blink of an eye.


"What's wrong my love?"

"The baby it's coming!"

"I'll go get the house wives."

"Come quick she's in labor!"

  Everyone races into the room where the woman lays there in pain and in labor.

"Okay madam push!"

  The woman starts pushing and is in labor for an hour before the beautiful baby boy was born.

"He's so beautiful and perfect"

Knock! Knock! Knock!

 The man gets up from his partners bed side where she had just given birth to his son to go answer the door when his female partner quickly stopped him.

"No don't go their here for the baby because it is forbidden for a wolf and a vampire to be together"

"I don't care if it's forbidden you are my wife and that is our son and they shall not have him!"

"No please just take the baby and run as far as you can from here!"

"No I can't leave you so why don't you and the house wife take our son and I'll hold them off?"

"No it will never work they will find me way to easy!"

"No they won't now go!"

  So as the house wife takes the baby and his mother away the vampire swings open the door and starts destroying all who wish harm a pon his wife and his new born son.

"You shall not lay your hands on my wife and new born son!"

"That is not for you to decide vampire because you know it's forbidden for vampires and wolves to mate and have a relationship but you still went and did it and now you and your family shall die!"

"No you can not have my family you filthy Mut!"

"You are you calling a filthy Mut blood sucker and I promise you that I will find your family and I will kill them nice and slow so that way they shall suffer!"

"No please just kill me and leave my wife and son alone!"

"As you wish I'll kill you first and then I'll kill your wife and son and whoever ttys to protect them from us!"

Without a hesitation the pack of wolves ripped the man Lim from Lim while the vamp was screaming in agony.

"I told him that his wish was my command and now he is dead just how his wife and new born son shall be when we find them"

Now as the three run to find coverage away from all who want to harm them they come across a wagon and two horses so they decide to take the horses and ride off into the pitch black night.

"I think we have finely out ran them so we should be safe for the night but we will have to keep moving in the morning."

"Okay agreed"

As the cricket's chirp and the wind blows through the trees and  the mother, the house wife and the baby sleep the pack gets closer and closer.

"Come on my lady we need to leave now I can hear your fathers men getting close!"

"Alright that's go and we have to leave no trail when we leave."

"What do you mean my lady?"

"I mean something led them to us and I don't know what it was but I will find out."

   So as the house maid is sweating because she knows that the newly mother has been paying attention to what has been going on, she thinks that she will feed her to the same pack that she works for.


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