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The world of military collectibles is very broad. There are various types of military collectibles which can be as wide as the countless conflicts that have defined human history. From Roman centurion helmets to flight jacket, there are many military collectibles which has a large and vibrant community of collectors. Let’s know about different types of militaria.

Types of Militaria

Militaria can be broadly classified into antique militaria from ww1 and vintage collectibles spanning the conflicts of the 20th century. The most popular militaria is the military helmets and uniform which can be displayed in front of the beginners. Even military decoration such as medals are also popular. Other popular plus expensive collectibles include antique weapons, blades and firearms. To know more about different kinds of militaria, confer with sell my military items.

Different Types of Helmets

Helmets are durable, long-lasting and requires less care than the other valuables. The American MI is the most popular helmet which is olive green in colour. The cost of this is more than $100. Other popular helmets include the British, Brodie, Pickelhaube and Prussian helmets. Antique helmets are a prominent addiction. Corinthian is the costliest antique helmet costing over $60000-$100000. The price can even increase. Roman helmets are slightly less expensive than this one. Centurion Galea helmet was a sophisticated helmet having brilliant red plumes which unfortunately did not survive with the passage of time.

Military Medals

Victoria Cross is one of the rarest and costliest medal that has been sold. The medal was awarded to New Zealander Captain Alfred Shout. The medal was sold for approximately $550000. Since 1856, only 1358 medals had been made and issues for the British Armed Forces but this was the special one. If you want to buy any of the militaria which sustained the war then contact with sell world war two items.

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