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So far,
So near,
Yet so out of reach,
Sitting all alone,

Someone lives here,
A doctor,
A lawyer,
Yet nobody knows,

A house,
A Farm,
Nobody knows,
With a beautiful appearance,
That nobody sees,
I wonder what's inside,

As I walk Along the busy main road,
I see the old silver gate,
With a note saying farm,
As I look to my left,
I see beautiful horses,
Black and white,

I look over the gate,
There I see you,
Looking al alone,
Your up for sale,
Who would have known,
I arrange a viewing,
To see what you offer,

As I wait for my time slot,
I wait and I wait,
But it seems to be late,
As the time arrives,
I leap with joy,

My heart melts as I open the door,
My eyes wide open,
As I look around,
My heart skips a beat,
You are so beautiful,
Inside and out,
Once I've been all around,
I look outside,
What a magnificent view,
Horses running free,

Well my viewing is over,
My heart shattered,
It was a pleasure to meet you,
I won't be coming back,
But I will walk past,
And give u a wave,

I'm just a college girl,
With no degree,
Your so expensive,
I hope you agree,
I'm walking away,
But I won't forget,
How beautiful you are,

I hope your new owners,
Are kind and sweet,
I'm saying my last goodbye's,
As I walk out the gate,
Never to return again.


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    Apr 27, 2022

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