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LIFE is a canvas.  ANYTIME you wish to start OVER  NEVER be ashamed or afraid.  If you don't like how the picture looks; change it!! After being broken I learned to PICK up those pieces and paint my own story in life. Has it been easy losing sleep? Jobs? Losing everything but my mind? Being in such anguish and pain until it seemed as if no one understands; no.  Those sleepless nights have made me appreciate every idea and prayer God has given me for instructions on how to maneuver in life. How to handle the pressure THAT OTHERS try to put on you. So NOW I smile through the anguish, hurt and pain. Having to do things by myself knowing that it was NOBODY but God!! ANYBODY ELSE has a BUT GOD situation? Keep going. KEEP moving you next Picassos!!!


  • Apr 26, 2022

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