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Know about the steps necessary as you look to replace the shingles of your roof

The shingles are the first thing that you need to remove as you are looking to replace the roof at your Los Angeles home. A roof replacement is inevitable and cannot be avoided. The repairs can only delay the process and if nothing else, the paperwork will indicate that there is a need to replace the roof. That is the moment when you will have to start the work. You can book with a roofing company for this shingle removal process, but being a homeowner, you must have an idea of the work process. Here are the details for readers.

Preparation on the ground

The first stage is the preparation on the ground and there is a need to arrange tools and equipment. If you have booked a professional service the roofing company will come with the equipment. You might have to arrange for a trash container to assemble all the debris. The person climbing up the roof to do the job will have to wear safety gear.

The start should be from the peak

There is a process of work and one must follow it in detail. One should start the work from the farthest peak and go downwards. You will need a garden fork to tear off the ridge caps and top courses of the shingles. It makes the process fast because the garden folk do not get caught in the nails. You tear the shingles downwards and once the pile gets loose; it automatically slides downwards. The shingles will only be able to come to the edge of the roof and you can toss them into the container.

The area close to the flashing needs focus

As the shingles are being removed and replaced, it is also suggested that you remove the flashings. However, they may be in good condition and it is best to work around the area and leave it. Often the flashings may have been installed in a complicated manner and such instances; you should seek professional assistance in this regard.

The work on the edges of the roof

Once the core shingles have been removed and are in the trash container, your focus should shift to the edges of the roof. This is the moment when you must remove the roof jacks and work a bit on the edges. This time one must also go downwards tearing the edges of the roof. There could be some ice barriers on your roof and one must remove them now.

The removal of the valley & vent flashing

The valley and vent flashing are not worth using the second time and it is suggested that you remove it.  There will be plenty of dirt piled up and they will slide onto the ground. These will fade away quickly and so it makes no sense to reuse them. They need to the replaced and so first the removal.

The final cleaning

The job is more or less done and one can always undertake a final cleaning of the roof. There could be remaining nails or leftover dirt and they need to be removed. The roof could be slippery and there is a need to tread with care.


This is more or less the process to remove shingles from the roof and you need to book a professional service for Los Angeles roofing by Deangelo Roofing. Roofing is a hands-on job and there are risks involved if you work at an altitude. Moreover, the shingle removal is just a part of the roof replacement and there is more to do. It would be prudent that you seek professional service for the work.


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