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This piece was also published by me on Joara under my username AC2066.

Monster Entry 1

Something watches me. From outside, it peeks in, it peeks in and stares at me. Black gums and white skin, daggers as crooked teeth. I can see its smile. There’s something petrifying about a joyless grin—on him, it seems like it’s melting, falling from his face. He reminds me, “I’m a him, not an it.” He reaches forward like he wants to take my hand; his are cold, clammy and clawed. When I  back away, he does his best not to appear hurt. When I let him in, he is hardly controllable. He sets my ribs on fire and crushes my heart in his fist. He screams at me: “FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS.” There’s nothing to focus on. “HATE HATE HATE. RUN RUN RUN.” Run, rabbit, run. He gives me a moment to try and get away from him, or at least distract myself from him. I take that chance. When it’s over, his cold black vomit slides down my throat. I tremble, tremble, tremble. 


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