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At 1 am, it's time to stop
Why cant we  let it drop
Feels like the same fight
Every other night
You always want to win
I'm thinking  the same old fight again
Same story , same plot
Is that the best you got
Always say I interupt you
But you don't see you do it too
I just want to walk away 
Don't know what I might say
You say I'm trying to get the last word
But you don't understand what I heard
It sounds like you don't love me anymore
Seems anyday you'll take your bags and walk through the door
When it's all over and done
You are only concerned if you won
I wouldn't say I ever win.. 
Thought of you loosing hurts deep in my skin
I would choose the guilty plee everytime
Ill say I did the crime
Its ok that your happier than me
Happiness means something different to me you see
I feel like I can't go wrong loving you
So you see I'm winning too


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