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It's a sunny day!
During my holiday,
While hiking around bush,
Bush full of shrubs;
On this warm bright summer day.

I saw a houses surrounded by shrubs,
The house built with shrubs!
It's a very mysterious place from the outside,
Seems to be darker than insides
But at the same time it is bare to the bone, like two divided shrubs.

The house seems to be alive,
Light switch on and off
It tempts me to go in to the house;
It plays with my mind,
To me I said it's ones of a kind.

But i standardized on my feet when fear took me over,
I walked along the house"
Beside the houses there was a bay tree.
It grows leave in Autumn and fall leaves in spring,
How could this be?

Rumors are constantly made,
And each day the house becomes darker,
With light switching on and off,
What happened inside the house?
I actually don't know!
I guess it will be a mystery.

@Fatima Isa Ibrahim


  • Apr 19, 2022

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