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Your smile as good as the sun's rays as it rises
It's warmth calms me down, the hope it gives
is bright,making me want to do whatever you wish 

Remember your wish iss my command
So let me be your dog in a leash, take me wherever you want
I'm a pitbull so handle me with your fierce strength let us be compatible

Let me follow you around like you are holding a bone with meat
Let them say you had me on potions whiles you just love me 
Without pressure

Be my mind
Say every word I was supposed to say
Hold on to me like I'm your teddy
Call on me like I'm daddy
 tell me you love me and will never leave me

Consider how I feel, ask me what I want
Even though you know
Make it sound so tempting so I will have to want and crave it 
all the time

I'll protect you if you respect the scars I have, trying to protect you
Rub my heart, sooth it and make the blood flow hot
Kiss me with enthusiasm
Kiss me like you drinking apple juice
Touch me like I'm fragile, hold me tight while paying attention
that I don't break

Just love me like the sound of jazz music 
Let your love be led by the Melody
Making the next person pay attention to concept
Let them clap hands when they see us
Have the folks in the street wish they had whatever we have

Make me forget about the psuedo love from the wolves in sheep costume in the woods

Let me lay my head between the fountain of unending water fall
Massage my head till I get orgasms
Let your touch say it all

Please be the woman of my poetic dreams
Let the drum that is playing match with the words I write
I on the other hand,
Will treat you like a queen
Let them see how I bow down for you until they realise that
You not only the love of my life but you are Your Highness in This castle

Let's be the most amazing example to our offsprings let them take pointers whenever they feel ready to be in love
Give me your heart and I'll give you mine too
That way we can hold of them with care because we can't afford to break either of them

I'm ready to love you
I just want you to be prepared
So you don't drown from the amount of love I'll be giving
I'm your friend, trust me, tell me every dream and desire you have
Let us be like our novel's favorite love characters 
And let us conquer love in real life



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