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I know that every gay child's worst nightmare is to be denied by the society, having to deal with homophobes who have knowledge about the LGBTIQ community and those who are just clueless, having to defend your image and nope being gay is not a belief it's about who I love so I can't say it's what I believe in it's not religion its how onefeels.

I know it hurts (I want to use the word suck. For the wall builders and confident fellow LGBTIQ ). It's easy to deal with the demon you already familiar with, you know even when you have words coming fromthemtrying to break you but you just going as strong as ever and it's nice to be who you are trust me. It's as nice as taking a deep breath in a recreation area. 

But what about the hate that comes with love. I know a lot of people can relate to this I mean they are all tired of facing you and trying to break you with their words and they can't and they decide to join you. Making it seem like it's a trend, lifestyle and a fashion. Literature explains it much better than I do "If you can't beat them join them?".

I mean if someome can  randomly say they are gay I can't doDNA test and check wheteher they are accurate. There is also love that comes in a time where you feel like it's time to be  loved. Like I said it's better to fight with demons you already know. 

Quickly. I'd rather be called a"moffie" , "Istabane", sis bhuti. It's okay I can deal with that but not being violated because I'm Lesbian or Gay,. Transgender etc voileted with romance. It's the worst thing that has once happened to a majority of my fellow community. There is this guy who can't get his hands of you. Who is the one who is head over heals in love with you but at night only because during the day he's married and he might be a pastor or anything really but not gay. That girl at school who'll talk about how much she loves girls just to grab your attention and when she finally does she is as straight as a stop sign you know straight as facts.

I don't want to go into detail and open wounds of my fellow community or even try to put salt on that wound because I know how much we are wounded, I know how much we try to cover it but it makes us question our own existence. Where you are inlove with someone who just was never inlove with you to start with. Hence I was saying it's better if my parents kick me out when they find out I'm gay at least I know where I stand with them rather than being pampered with fake kisses being comforted by lies and ultimate fake love.

I know and I'm glad to be the one raising my hand up first to testify against this violation because I know it comes with different stories with each and everyone of us. I know we have never been in the same situation that had the same type of consequences but I know some of my friends are being ripped and robbed their ability to use emotions and to genuinely love because once upon a time we had that one person who drove us crazy to the biggest tree in the forest. Crazy rides are the ones we enjoy because our adreneline is being worked up. Boo hoo man. Before gender I'm human and I'm Gods creation  you screw me up, ditch me and tell me about "I have a wife at home so don't call me. I love you".
I'm sorry but how is that love, how is it even. 

I had to say this. Someone had to put it out there that yes we are also attacked through our feelings, the genuine love we can give, yeah I know I have dealt with it, like how some of my fellow community has but it left a big scar. A scar that I personally have to cover out there  Everytime I be on my fabulous mode. If my fellow community member, you haven't walked that long journey. Be careful man, with these people who wants to be love parasites, sucking it even if it is a unfair to you. If you feel like you are being used right now  step back because no matter how confident and sure you are about yourself... You will never come back from that pain.

It's labelled as having fun, sone says it's being young wild and free some says it's easy sex, some say it's for stress releasing, some says it's  harmless. Those, all of those end badly. I don't condone any homophobic traits and no matter in what way they come they always leave a mark but be careful don't let them turn you into a bitter queer. Accepting who you are is evident enough to prove that more than anything you believe in love.

I hope you find time to heal and reflects in what type of energy you want to attract. Trust no one,people are always going to eventually choose what suits them evenif it hurts you we also have to check amongst our selves in the community. We hurt each other and we are left mentally disturbed.  

I am the L(esbian) in the LGBTIQ community and I'm proud

#I am also humanso don't hurt me
#before sexuality Im human too


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