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I Fear that I shall lose my mind and rightly so , if elsewhere my heart and body does fail to go .
Wash me away in the tide or throw me into the stream. 
Do what it takes to remove me from the presence of this time and place and promises fulfilled I fear it shall bring. 
Dance and fill the air with your sweet scents and laughter my posies , stand true with beauty unspoken my roses , glide in the wind daisies so fair and sweet, yet only the buttercups are fine enough for the wild ones to eat .
Take me from this wonder or I shall fade away in shame , for all this glory goes by no simple name , my eyes are glistening with a darkness this world can never know , I must let it be so that it may continue to existence and fill the darkness with its ethereal glow .


  • Apr 17, 2022

  • Apr 17, 2022

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