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Papa's crappy health,
Got me hitched 
To a man with wealth
By whom I was already bewitched.
He agreed to wed me
Was a shock,
But not to fed me but to fee
He did the knock.

For him I behaved lovely,
But for me he stood to be ugly.
Passionate me becoming lively,
And he pretended to be deadly.
I was falling for his anger,
Even when he was being in a clangour.
Where I used to bear and control like nature,
He was being a destroyer like human.
He was the true Devil,
And to me he stood up like a like a bevel.

When I offered tea,
He broke cup on me.
When I served food,
He refused to be good.
When I dressed for a party,
He refused and became a hardy.

Still me trying for a chance,
And he used to destroy everything to merrily dance.

Finally! I decided to be a real hearty
To impress him by doing the work of wifie,
I gratefully planned the night
Unexpectedly he joined with delight.
Talking sweetly to me
That gave shock to all thee.

He intoxicated in everything,
His phone rings
He busy in me, 
So I answered thee..
"Baby are you coming for my bad scene?!"
And I realised his wrong sins.

Still, mad in love
Being like a dove,
Did nothing 
Making him a free bird,
Let he do anything! 

© Aena Meshram 


  • Apr 16, 2022

  • I like it

    Apr 16, 2022

  • Apr 16, 2022

  • Azmat Jutt

    Azmat Jutt

    nice 👍

    Apr 17, 2022

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