My Heart's On My SleevešŸ„€ Read Count : 72

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You can't get mad at me
Because I peeked the real YOU
I'm done believing in fantasies
You spoon fed ME LIES but now I know the truth 

You never had MY back
But you played the game well
Everyday I was under an attack
Living in total hell

You were the STUMBLING block
Had your foot on my neck
Turning from the church as His flock
Momma said that's a big mistake

I Lost everything I had
Looking to God for answers
I'm so damn mad
Got my flesh ROTTEN LIKE cancer 

Know my heart's on my sleeve
After what I ENDURED 
I had no choice but to leave 
I'm good rest assured

Endured the pain
Overcame my circumstances
Never living my life in shame 
God gave me another chance!


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