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Chapter 11: Whistle In The Wind

Three months Later. . .
Buffalo, New York

Mission Engaging. . .
Operation: Ghost Hunter

Marsellus took a sip of his coffee, smiling as he watched all the people pass by. For a moment, the elation of being out on a mission had his powers spiking. The movements slowed down tremendously. Everyone around had lost their life for a moment as he stood up - The only animated object in this moment for close to a block. 

"Systems check. Block radius cleared for ability usage. As long as our numbers aren't off, we got this guy in the bag." 

He took a sigh in satisfaction from the moment: He had come so far in all of a few months. His abilities were beginning to manifest in more ways than originally anticipated. He remembered hearing from Saturn that it had to be some sort of 'Hybrid Assault Pattern,' but she had not gone into detail too much after the fight. It was not for another few weeks - when he began to utilize his powers and practice with them more - that Saturn began to divulge more information about what the 'Types' of patterns were. 

Though, one could only keep their heads in the clouds for so long before the responsibilities of life came knocking on their door. The people resumed moving as he began to look around the people to scan for his target on today's hunt. 

"Mars, do you have visual on the target?" Saturn asked through the ear piece. Static came for a moment before being interrupted with his reply. 

"Affirmative. The Chicken is in The Coop. Awaiting orders to engage." He hated having to use all of these code words. Other than the fact for a moment it made him feel like a real spy or operative of some government agency, he couldn't help but to cringe a bit at the lingo. 

His thoughts on the subject were broken a moment later when he heard Saturn again. 

"You are clear to engage. But only subdue the target. Let's keep this discreet and by the books."

Back a mile or so away from Marsellus' current location, The Halo Mobile Center was abuzz inside with piercing beeps and sounds of radio signals as Saturn sat and watched their intelligence satellites were getting into place for surveillance from the six monitors set off to one wall. Eyes scanned the pixels carefully, watching Marsellus surf through the crowd on a city block in Buffalo, New York. 

Marsellus felt his blood running through his ears, pulsing as he scanned the distance between him and his target. Looking at the mysterious and suspicious attire the chap was donning, couldn't be hard to miss him in the colorful outfits around him. 

Their target had on a khaki trench coat, long brimmed hat and sunglasses to hide himself even more: A ghost operative hiding in plain sight. A six month operation had been underway when Marsellus came into this world of psychic warfare, all to find the whereabouts of Micheal Slaton. The man now was in the cross hairs of A Planetary Mercenary. 

The crowd around them began to walk off to the edges of the sidewalk now, parting almost between the two men. Even oncoming pedestrians found themselves off to the side, and without a moment or word of resistance. Almost as if it was a second nature. 

Slaton caught on to this quick and stopped in his tracks, looking back just as Marsellus came forward with a right hook across his jaw. The thunderous shot had stunned Slaton for a moment, vision swimming and equilibrium thrown off as he felt himself collide with the sidewalk beneath his feet. 

And even through the moments after, no one seemed to be even phased by the scene as they passed by the men. It was a good cover to have the rest of his halo compatriots using their powers through the satellite surveillance, giving him a few moments to help augment his own powers just a bit more into his gloves and hands. He managed to get a good paralyzing strike on Slaton to start, but it was only a temporary fix for the moment. Even he knew if he needed to take this man in alive, he would need something a bit more debilitating to bring him in. 

He would need a moment, but he had the time to spare as he started to see a small electrical current forming between his fingers. Turning around quickly, he gave a hard jab toward The Operative's direction. Slaton had barely gotten up in time to even grasp at Mars' wrist. But even then a small contact was felt followed by a shock that gave Slaton pause in convulsions. He fell to the ground again with a thud, motionless and unconscious. 

With a sharp gasp, Marsellus held up a thumb to the sky and grinned at the triumph. Pressing a button on his utility belt, a small speaker began to play Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust" before he started dancing a bit. 

Saturn couldn't help but to groan a bit at the antics. A flush came over her cheeks though as she remembered the charming man behind those boyish dramas. 

"Alright. Stop with the Fortnite dances before you break your concentration, Bronco. I consider this mission accomplished, nonetheless." And the mobile center began to move to reach Mars' Drop Zone.


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