THIS Is MY LIFE 🥀 Read Count : 52

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CAN'T NOBODY control 
My life or destiny 
15 yrs took it's toll
So many were against me

JEALOUSY and envy
They kept switching and stealing
Claiming fake love never real to me
I couldn't get my healing 

So much weighed me down
LOST everything I had
When I was IN need they couldn't be found 
Losing my mother drove a bihh mad

I don't need YOUR prayers
Or your so called sympathy 
You never done shit fair
15yrs of hell made me see

You claim love
But that's not what I feel
Treating me like I'm a scrub
When I'm paying all the Bill's

Talking down to me 
Yet all I've down was build you up
Replacing another where you should be
Yea BIHH I leveled up 


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