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Dear parents 
Growing up in the generation we are is not easy
We face a lot and keep our sorrows to ourselves 
We are drowning deep in our thoughts and depression 
We are living in darkness and confusion 
 You carry the light We need to redeem ourselves 
But you keep it all to yourself 
Share the light with us and rescue us from the demons we live with
Your words cary courage and wisdom we need 
Yet you fail to share such words with us 
We living in pain and dying inside but before your faces we smile
And pretend all is well
We scared to share because you will judge us instead of building and guiding us
The Journey is tough 
Falling for fake people and friends 
Whereas you can be that true friend we need
Living in the same room 
Sharing same food 
But failing to share our emotions 
We can't even appreciate the little we have because we are overcrowded by our imperfections 
Trying to be perfect 
Forgetting that Trying and being better is enough 
 perfection is just a word
It comes from making lot of mistakes 
Growing and learning through them
How do we then survive this world 
Oh dear parents 

By Meriam Mahlatse Marobela 


  • Apr 04, 2022

  • Apr 04, 2022

  • Apr 04, 2022

  • Apr 04, 2022

  • Moses Rapulana

    Moses Rapulana

    Wow it's a beautiful peom woth a vary words of wisdom and exception. I really love it. It deserve to be more acknowledged

    Apr 04, 2022

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