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No matter how hard I fought
I lost everything in my life
Even the things that can't be bought
Praying my daughters haven't forgot
How much I love them
Which is more than slot.

Each day that passes 
They are growing up fast
I wonder what they are learning in class
Or if they gave the teacher any sass 
If they are anything like me
There up for any task.

I never recieved responses back
When I was fighting to see them
I'd never abandon them that's a fact
They were stolen from me, my soul cracked
Leaving me alone and shutdown Burned out and broken
 support from others I lacked.

Grief swallowed me whole
Leaving myself in the dark
Tearing apart pieces of me took it's toll
Holding my kids above my head I didn't roll
Instead I tried to fix my wrongs
I never ment to do, that's on my soul

The system are a bunch of snakes
Abusing their power
Doing whatever it takes
To feed their greed from your mistakes
Not caring about the lifelong trauma 
Blaming you for it but they're arrogant ways create.

Now my children are strung along
I haven't heard or seen them 
For far to long
This whole thing is wrong
No matter what I do 
I can't replace the time lost, it's gone.


  • Apr 02, 2022

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