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Being betrayed changed me YOU done it for the money I was blind but now I see You thought it was funny Knowing my mother lost her life Behind the shit you did Made me think twice You married another even had kids Now you say I'm hard to love  I'm just fed UP BRUH  Had my FAMILY USING a plug Mad money out of love Trying to save my life You're busy playing games  You never saw me AS YOUR wife  You just hustled off my name  Tried OF the GAME  I can't even carry myself You should be ashamed  Wishing me death 15yrs was to damn long You're still holding out your hand Greed is never enough when YOU'VE ME wrong  But you want to buck Find someone else Don't KEEP PUTTING me in it Bihh use yourself  15yrs a DEATH sentence  I have a right to be mad  After YOU ALL left me for dead  Harassing me is just sad Sick everyday on my bed Sometimes I can't walk At times I CAN'T breathe You never see your own fault Everything's on me So many years wasted You blocked my life The truth you don't want to face it Just causing me pain and strife So yes I'm mad as hell I want to be LEFT alone  The hatred I've felt  Still is strong!!


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