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They come and go
Some have huge impact in our lives
Either to build us or to destroy us
Beware of Passengers 
They come and go
Always remember that your the driver
Your the Boss..The captain 
Never allow Passengers to take your sit
Own your keys or take your position 
And change your direction 
Only to use you for a ride to reach their destiny 
Sometimes waiting for people delays your journey 
Not all will stay in your life
Don't be stuck on the memories 
Memories created and shared with people who are no longer part of your life
Allow yourself to live within the moment and create new memories 
Some will contribute some will steal from you
Don't let Passengers steal your joy and peace 
Let go..Let go of the past and 
Focus on yourself to build a better tomorrow 

By Meriam Mahlatse Marobela 


  • Wonderful message.

    Mar 30, 2022

  • @Ichi Go thanks 😊

    Mar 30, 2022

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