The Note And The Grim Reaper Read Count : 41

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Yeah I know I damn well destroyed it all,
I lost myself and all I did was fall.
I couldn't seem to cope at all,
Then ran into this self made wall.

I've still got your apps stored in my game guide.
Yet all I seem to do is hide.
It's myself I can't seem to find,
Ever since that letter I left, I've lost my mind.

I'm alive and still breathing,
Seven times, the Grim Reaper keeps knocking...
Yet The Lord keeps me living.
I can't stop asking why he lets me keep staying.
Right now, I know I'm changing.
My whole life I believed I was broken,
The truth within I always kept from speaking.
It took a long time, and I'm finally learning
That deaths not the answer I'm seeking.


  • Apr 04, 2022

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