Tier High School: Episode 2- Lunch Break Read Count : 64

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Sub Category : Fantasy
Aydin: So what are we going to do about the three delinquents?

Addilyn: Alright, that's a bit harsh calling them delinquents.

Aydin: Harsh? They almost killed us! Delinquents is just being nice.

Autumn: Alright, enough girls. We need to figure out the punishment for those three and figure out that boys name so we can properly thank him.


Autumn: Girls look, it's the boy!

Aydin: Where?

Autumn: Over near the soda vending machines.

Addilyn: Oh wow...

Autumn: What is it Addy?

Addilyn: His hair...

Aydin: What about it?

Addilyn: It's purple..

Autumn: Oh your right... So is his eyes too.

Aydin: I never noticed that.

*Boy looks towards the girls*

Aydin *blushes*: He's looking at us.

Autumn: Hey boy!

Aydin: Wh-what are you d-doing!?

Autumn: Hey boy come here!...
                I'm getting his attention to come over, duh.

Boy *walks over*: Yes?

Autumn: Hi, I just wanted to say thank you.

Addilyn: Yeah, we never got a chance too, and never got your name.

Boy: Oh my name? Well it's...

Aydin: It's what?

Boy: It might cause problems if I tell people... See, I know most of these kids from a different school, and let's just say, they wouldn't be happy to know I'm here.

Addilyn: Aww, pleeeeeassee.

Aydin: Addilyn,  don't be rude.

Addilyn: What? It's not fair, he knows our names, I want to know his.

Autumn: Come on, please tell us. We'll going to call purple hair boy.

Boy: Hmmm... Fine.

Addilyn: Yes.

Boy: It's Elon, Elon Moon.

Aydin: Elon. Moon.

Autumn: Cool name. Well, my name is Autumn, her name with the braids is Addilyn and the girl over there with the glasses blushing like an idiot, is Aydin. Hehe.

Aydin: H-hey, rude!

Addilyn: Yeah, she can't help it Autumn. A cute boy is standing in front of us. I'm  blushing too. 

Aydin: Not helping Addy.

Elon: Umm, thanks, I guess.

Addilyn: Hehehe.

Elon: We, see you after school I guess or tomorrow. I don't know.


Addilyn: Hehe, Aydin is blushing like a doofus.

Autumn: Yep, she's as bright as a tomato.

Addilyn: And sweating a lot too.

Autumn: Poor child, what are we going to do with you?

Addilyn and Autumn: Hehehe.


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