Humanities Devastation: World Introduction- Bryson Episode 2 Read Count : 50

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  The sun is barely up. Meaning it's about 5 or 6 in the morning. Another hour or so before Bryson needs to get up for school.The clock is ticking and the seconds are going by. Tick tock. Last day of school.

  As the beam of sunlight emits from over the horizon, birds begin to chirp.
  "Bryson Koller get up!" Yelled Bryson's mom.
  "Five more minutes!" Yells Bryson half a sleep.
  "Don't make me go up there young man!"
  "Ugh fine.."

  Bryson crawls out of business. Downstairs, his mom prepares breakfast. She's up early to set up the whole day with her two infants. Two boys. She prepares their bottles of milk for the whole day. She sings to herself while she does it, keeping her busy. And smiling.

  Bryson's dad comes downstairs in a suit, ready for work. Bryson's dad works for the government. No one in the family knows what he does for sure though. Top secret. Bryson doesn't really care, as long as he gets his allowance. Same with the mom, as long as there is money coming in for the family, she doesn't bother wanting to know. Bryson's mom is unemployed, a stay at home mom.

  Bryson comes downstairs and eats breakfast. Bryson's dad kisses everyone goodbye. His wife, the infants and Bryson last.
  "Make sure you come home right after school Sweetie, family vacation for the summer." Mrs. Koller reminds Bryson as she changes one of the infants diapers.
  " Yes mom." Bryson walks out the door waving bye. Mrs. Koller waves bye as well smiling.

  "I know it's  the last day of school before summer break officially starts, but I still don't  want to go to school." Bryson thought in his head.
  "Hey Bryson." Says boys voice.
  "Oh hey Sam..." Bryson answers back nervously. Sam is a friend of Bryson's. Most notably Sam is Bryson's crush. They are both in high school, the 10th grade. Bryson liked Sam for almost two years now. They've hung out everyday, going to the movies, parties and the mall.
  "What are you planning on doing over summer break?" Sam asked getting closer to Bryson.
  "Oh..well, me and my family are going on a cross country trip. Visiting all the states." Bryson asked nervously, sweating. You can here Bryson's heart beating like a drum from a mile away. Sam smiled.

  They got to the school. Sam waved goodbye and ran inside the school building. Bryson looked up, he stared at the sky.
  "I'm 16, in high school, and in the 10th grade soon to be in the 11th grade... I wish something exciting would happen to this boring world." Bryson thought in his head sighing as he entered the school.


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