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Woke up to an emotional wreck 
The feeling of dread washes over me
Fuck I'm over thinking again 
Dear depression 
We've been lifelong friends
Alongside with anxiety
Which sings melodies in my head
You're like the angel and devil on my shoulder
Pushing me towards sin and heaven
I don't even know why im writing this
I guess it's cause im hurting right now
My thoughts are racing
My chest is aching 
And i can't seen to catch my breath 
Fuck here comes a panic attack
Tears roll down my cheeck
Please can i stop crying
Can i just feel nothing 
Perhaps in death ill find peace
And yet in death people say id be selfish
Call me a saint cause you are all i live for
So what happens when i stop breathing 
Does your love for me die with me
Or does it linger over my grave with the flowers you'll leave and slowly die eventually 
Do you shed a few tears and forget the moments we shared 
Like the first time you told me you loved me
Dear depression please let me go
Im terrified of the future
The scars on my arms tell stories of battles i never meant to fight
I was a mere causality of the mistakes made by those before me
I've grown attached to the coping mechanism of darkness
Emotionally scarred by the traumas i try so hard to run from
Clawing to the surface with the tears on my face 
I close my eyes and take a breath
My heart rate slowing down
Dear depression 
Til next time.


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