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As you are going for a roof replacement, there is scope to do a lot. The older roof will be pulled down and a new roof should come up in its place. Your roof was perhaps outdated and that is the reason to take this decision. A roof replacement is not an easy job and there is a need to book a professional service because faulty installation can throw up defects. It would be perfect if you appoint Dan Roofing in Culver City to install your new roof. However, as a homeowner, there are a few aspects that you will need to consider. As you are installing a new roof, this is the moment to select the perfect shingles for the structure.

The shingles operate as a perfect cover for your roof. These are individual pieces, which are laid from the base of the roof. They overlap each other to form a perfect shield to protect the living space against elements of nature. It is alongside protecting the living space; the roof shingles also enhance the aesthetic beauty of your property. The shingles can be seen from a distance and this is the reason you need to select the shingles carefully. There are three popular varieties to try out and here are the details for readers.

Asphalt shingles

It is a popular choice for roofing shingles here in Culver City and you can install it on your roof. These shingles are versatile and offer the best protection against wind, fire. This form of shingle is easy to install and does not require much maintenance. The one drawback with this form of shingle is that it has got a relatively lower life span than some of the other varieties. However, it can easily last anywhere in the range of two to three decades.

Clay tile shingles

This form of shingles should suit if you are concerned about the aesthetic appeal of your property. The shingles are the first thing of a home that a street onlooker gets to see from a distance. If you are eager to portray, beauty style, and elegance, one must insist on installing tile shingles. There is scope to select these shingles in a variety of styles of colors. You can take help from the contractors and they will show you the complete range. It is a durable shingle material and it is also an environmentally friendly option.

The installation of these shingles is a bit more hectic than the asphalt shingle and there is a need to spend more on maintenance. This is the thing, which you need to keep in mind while having this shingle for your roof.

The wood shingle

This is another variety to try out if you are looking for quality shingles for your roof. The use of wood shingles for your roof has plenty of benefits and it gives a classic look to your property. It has a much longer life span than the other two options and shingles made of wood are also energy efficient. This variety is a great option to have as shingles for your roof. However, the maintenance for wooden shingles is a bit more and if you are installing them, this aspect must be looked into.


These are the three popular varieties of shingles that homes in Culver City are installing on the roof. There has been extensive discussion on both the positives and minor negatives regarding each of these shingles. You can go through the detail and select something that should fulfill your requirements. There is of course more variety and one can try out metal shingles. Look to pick up something that should blend perfectly with your home decorations & color.


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