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Know some ways how through renovations you can get the living space ready for the holiday season.

The holidays are the festive moments and this is the occasion when you would desire everything at home to be nice. This is also the time when you might have guests and there will be a desire that they leave with the right impression of you. This can only be possible if you can present to them a nicely designed, decorated home. A good home allows you to live life comfortably and also conveys to visitors plenty of nice things about you. It also leads to a home value enhancement and unfortunately, if your living space is not in a good shape, there is a need to do some remodeling work. Here are some remodeling themes that you can try out for the living space ahead of a festive season.

A coat of paint

You would desire to make the rooms look different and the easiest way to achieve the objective is to apply a fresh coat of paint. This is the easier option rather than having to break down the walls. The walls of the home may have had to deal with plenty of mold, mild dew, and stains due to other issues such as roof leaks. A coat of paint should assist in hiding it all for you and the room will look good. The paintwork will help to remove outdated colors, fading look to the walls.

Comfortable seating and a nice dining space

If you think deep, one will notice that a bulk part of the holiday season is spent around the dining room. There should be feasts with family and friends. Hence, some extensive upgrade work is necessary for both the dining and living room. There should be a focus on having comfortable seating here. One can look to add plush, cozy chairs, couches and that should make your guests comfortable. This is the best way you can transform the efficiency and appearance of this space.

Some upgrades to the lightning are necessary

You will need good quality lights for this space and there should be no compromise on it. There are plenty of things that can be done to make this space memorable. You can put up a chandelier just above the dining room table and that helps to create a style statement. There is the option of having decorative lamps for every room. Some bit of recessed lighting in your living space should bring about a transformation beyond your imagination. Is there artwork installed at your home? Then one must look to install art lights to highlight these decorative pieces of art.

The flooring

The floors of your home may also need a makeover and one can plan some upgrade work on it. The installation of luxury vinyl flooring or laminate floors will do wonders for this space. One can also have floors of bleached wood and these are just the changes that should bring about the wow impact from guests into your living space.

Focus on the foyer

The foyer is the first place, which guests will see as they enter your home. Hence, some bit of upgrade work is necessary for this space. You could paint the walls here and install a console in this part of the home. One can also do some upgrades to the lights here.


Here we have discussed some upgrades that you can have for the home ahead of the festive season. However, these tasks will require professional execution and you must instantly browse the Jay Remodeling website here in Los Angeles for assistance. Their home remodeling team is one of the best in Los Angeles and they will incorporate just the changes, which you desire for the living space. Book a service and transform the home ahead of the holidays.


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