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They said love is a game
We play to win or loose
So I played with an artificial heart 
I promised my heart some years ago
Never to hurt it again never to love that deep
It's natural to love so when my heart feels love
It's just felt on the surface doesn't sink deep 
I emptied all my real heart and fill the hallow heart with pieces of rocks
When you get hurt or when you make mistakes
I think it is two ways to express it
It's either you write a song or you write a bard
And that's for me...that makes all my poetry sadistic and elegy
The truth is in everyway there's a way to cry 
No matter how will try and try so hard
Because we find ourselves loving what our hearts has captured and we fail to see the bigger picture
So at the long run its either we learn when we fall or learn not to fall
Some minds are the type of demons that hurts you and makes you run away...run after you and calms you down and knocks you down
When they be done they keep their sleeves white with no blood stain then go after the next prey looking innocent
The reason was that the real man inside was tortured without mercy and they end up becoming beast
Love is made of hurt and since I know I thought I can carry on and come of victoriously
If I can love as it hurts and love until there's no more hurt but more love instead as a writer said 
That was going to be real though but love is not placed in that dept where it is supposed to be
Love is not felt but flirt
What happened to love is what I can perhaps be perplexed about
A lot of weird and bad things happened
If I never had a heart I won't notice or feel and there's gonna be no tears drop and so sad I have one hurt one 
Yeah I noticed everything
I can hurt and be hurt in return and wake my emotions
One has to be very careful when making use of the heart
Because it takes years to heal when it is hurt 
Be careful with me also, I feel my heart is still in coma in a very bad shape 
Haven't really known how to love yet so I don't affect anyone in anyway


  • nicely done

    Mar 28, 2022

  • A lot of errors... The message within is good.

    Mar 28, 2022

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