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This one goes to my daughters....

One day I hope you come to find me

So I can show you the love you didn't get to see

You're taking away before I could be the best mother I can be

It wasn't right what happened to us

I know it's hard to believe but you just got to trust

That I'm still here fighting for you

Waiting for the day you find me too

Because I was not allowed to say goodbye to you

It's hard for me to understand how things could have gone so wrong

Just know you've always been enough and I loved you all along

And I never wanted you to be gone

Struggle with missing you every single day

How was the time when I cry I don't have much to say

Invisible silent tears covering my soul every second of every day

And no one ever sees people think I'm okay

My reality is I'm suffering missing you and wishing you were here

I love you more you can never imagine my dears

For now I'll just cry these silent tears

For all the time lost for all the missing years

I don't get to be there holding in near

I'm just glad you can't see me stricken with my fears

I wish I could be there to mend your broken hearts

That I never wanted to break from the start

Please forgive me one day

I love you both more than anything

Dispute what anyone else says

One day I hope you can find me again

Then just maybe we can start to mend


  • Nice

    Mar 30, 2022

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