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Laying here in my bed

Thinking about everything we've done and said

As the dark sky begins to lighten

Each morning I become less frightened

Especially on those brisk spring mornings

Hearing the birds sing to each other sounds adoring

Reminds me of better times

Fresh starts and new beginnings are on the way

Time to let go of the pain

That I carry too this day,

As I listen to the morning

Clearing my thoughts out of my head

Realizing that I have to let you go

For everything to come to a end.

I know if I do that I can never go back

Once I detach it's forever, that is a fact

It doesn't mean I don't still have love for you

It just means I won't ever let you close enough to

Close enough to love me, hug me or be like we were in any kind of way

I love you from a distance and that's where I'll forever stay

For me this is a huge decision

Once made it is final

Just know I gave all I ever could, just to see you smile

But I don't have any energy to hold onto a love that was never mine 

Just hope you know that I gave you all my time

I only needed a chance to change and learn to grow

The lesson being taught as Im listening to the morning

That love can raise your heart above the clouds then take it down low

And sometimes it just doesn't want to grow.


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    Mar 28, 2022

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