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Can I miss someone else for this amount of tears shed
displayed and undiscribed
If I know that maybe I won't see you again before the master returns and I'm gone
I don't know the number of years it's gonna take to contend with this fears and fall this tears
As I keep fighting, I don't want to give up cause I want to win, but then I'm weak
They say the trophy is for those who persist not who desist 
Can it be for a life, a little breath that can run out anytime
Now you are gone, the one who I looked to as paradise
Gonna miss you and that's for sure and certain 
Going to miss you like the chance I haven't gotten yet to stand face to face with the seas
I will miss you like this death I always yearn to die before you and be buried beneath the waters

It's emotions that feels bad and speaks mad as I turned and see you sitting on that chair and look really well and see the chair emptied

I hope I survive the way you did


  • i feel Ur pains but wait for jah the consolation material

    Mar 28, 2022

  • Mar 28, 2022

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