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I've got a story to tell
15yrs of holding you down 
You can't never say I fell
Really how that shit sound 

Fake ass news 
While you're perpetrating
I'm done being used
Your attacks escalating

Everyday You've STALKED me
Yet you haven't sent a DIME
That bs I can't unsee
Bihh you know I'm not lying

Don't put your paws on me
Bihh touch YOURSELF 
I'm done in your misery
PATIENCE?? Bihh AIN'T shit left

Been running on empty 
Trying to carry the world
I don't need YOUR sympathy
You're a diamond I'm a pearl

You think I owe you
Bihh where???
Just know I'm threw
In your fucking nightmare 💯


  • Mar 28, 2022

  • Mar 28, 2022

  • 😳😈

    Mar 28, 2022

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