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To be circumcised, can't give self control,
Are not true bellives, they play in secret,
Lost alot of blood, and become affected,
Without doing it, you can be respected.

Killing of albinism, inorder to become rich,
You enjoy for moment, life become short,
Causes for trouble, familly become disappear,
Why don't you struggle? You decrease hurdworkers.

Hiding material, coppying in the exam,
You can't perform, studdying Without free,
It's better to try, than to be fail, 
Why don't you discuss? It breaks thinking capacity.

To be a leader, you can't improve life,
You missuse of resources, villagers are not developing,
What are you getting? Even your familly is suffering,
Why don't you responsible? Inorder to be graceful.

To beat and burn, child can not be protected,
Loose alot of energy, you end by suffering,
Child will afraid home, do hings by hating,
Teach her by showing, will love it most.

Wearing for fassion, discourage mind of other,
They discuss on you, and not be respected,
If they come to you, what will you braim?
Why don't you wearing safe? You bring some emotion.

Something which is true, can not be hiding,
Silance for moment, you stay by wondering,
Just speak it before, than problem become more,
If she will know, will you do so? 



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