A Dream Of Heaven 😇🌻 Read Count : 43

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Wandering under the shadow of the trees, thinking about the good times
Looking at the birds flying above the trees, loving their rhymes
The girl got hurt by a sharp haystick in the grass
Her feet was bleeding and the blood was messing her long dress

All of her thoughts and imaginations were broken at the moment
This pain was more meaningful for her than the pain of bleeding which was making her faint
Running on the grass with depressed mind, she lost her balance
Looking at the sky that was becoming black and meaningless

She closed her brown eyes with her beautiful lashes resting on her eyelids
The moment she opened her eyes she saw beautiful kids
Landing their hands for help smiling peacefully
She gave her hand and saw a horse ride coming down slowly
How beautiful the white horses were, she ran to them and sat on the seats
Flied up to the heaven through the sky she was feeling the breezes

Forgetting all her pains and worries she closed her eyes
For sure all bitter truths are better than the sweet lies!


  • this one is very beautiful

    Mar 27, 2022

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