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I’m the only one 
who should be in your life 
I’m the only one 
who understand you, 
I should be your best friend 
I should be your girlfriend 
if you want me to let go of you, 
then you have to let go of 
both of your best friends 
you always think 
I’m the reason 
you broke up with me, 
I’m the only one 
who understand 
everything in your mind, 
honestly, they’re not your 
best friends 
you should let go of them 
if you let go of me 
if I’m in your life 
both of your best friends 
can be in your life, 
is not fair that I should 
let go of you and moved
on without you, 
while you keep them as your 
best friends keep them in your life
I’m being honest with you, 
they didn’t know about 
your past 
they didn’t know about 
where do you come from 
and how it impacted your life 
You think I don't know 
your difficult life 
that’s not true 
I do know your difficult life 
you should be friends
with someone who understands 
your difficult life experiences, 
that person is not them 
is me 
I’m being honest with you 
few things in my life 
you can’t relate, 
mostly my life 
relate to your difficult life situation 
no matter we should have to be best friend, and we should be together as a loving couples


  • Mar 27, 2022

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