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Where do I even begin 
I mean it's a long journey 
It all started with random small thoughts 
Thought it was normal 
I mean the brain is programmed to think right?
I thought and thought 
And my thoughts kept me busy and made me escape reality
It's good to think but it becomes suicidal when you attach negative thoughts 
Mind Trap
It's easy to create but hard to escape It's misery world 
Mind Trap
It's said to be a loner and misery world 
Mind Trap 
Turns life into a living hell 
Beauty into ashes
Beware of your thoughts 
Thoughts that bring sorrow and pain in your life 
Mind Trap 
Plays Mind games with you
And make you feel lost and insane 
Mind Trap 
Don't be stuck on your thoughts far too long 
Mind Trap 

By Meriam Mahlatse Marobela 


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