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           In the past two decades, our western world has gone through a rapid transformation from being somewhat tolerable to a world revolving around complete insanity. If you don't accept it, you can be labeled a "domestic terrorist," fined, and even jailed. It’s a world based on being inoffensive and politically correct, and by that, I mean being socially silenced if you speak with any sort of logic. In other words, I would be considered a domestic terrorist for talking about how what happened at the Capitol on January 6th is horrendously overhyped and pales in comparison to the months of rioting, looting and murder nobody seems to remember. 

        On the other hand, if what you have to say makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, not only will you be able to speak openly, you are given a platform to amplify your insanity, as well as an audience to applaud it. This doesn’t work for everyone, though. 

        If you were born into this world with white skin and a penis, you need not apply. Under the new laws of progressive egalitarianism, you don’t have the right to speak, not anywhere, not any time. And if you do happen to let out a faint whisper, it better be an apology for your insensible decision to choose to be born a white male. How dare you! 

           If you are a woman, however, you go, girl! You can bitch all day from the roof of your loud vagina. Women are encouraged to complain about being women so much that men have started to willingly buy tampons—not for their wives or girlfriends but their own ears. 

         If you’re a woman in today’s world, you have the power to destroy any man’s life with just one word. Even if the alleged “rape” happened decades ago and lacks any evidence or eyewitness testimonies—or anyone that actually cares—a man can be found guilty and imprisoned for simply being on a woman’s bad side. Even if he has never met his female accuser, if other women are pointing the finger at him, it’s over. 

         If this is too hard for your fragile, little mind to grasp, let me break it down for you. If a neighborhood kid had taken my bike from me when I was ten years old, I can raise my hand today and say, “Hey! I was robbed!” 

        Then, while pointing my finger at someone I haven’t seen in twenty-four years, I can seal the deal with “and it was him!” 

        After he is tried and convicted, I will be applauded by a nation for my strength and courage to—after over twenty years—finally have taken affirmative action to seek justice for my experience of being a victim of oppression. As well as white male supremacy, if he’s white; otherwise, skin color is of no importance to the public. 

        Back when we had our first taste of the madness to come, it was laughable to see Brett Favre at the ESPYs trying to put his hands together for the "bravery and courage" of the former Bruce Jenner winning Glamour's Woman of the Year Award in 2015. While the media teased Favre for his "male misogyny" as he rubbed his hands together, looking at Jenner like a new piece of meat, I had experienced a moment of my own. 

         Never in my life did I ever think I would relate to a professional football-playing douchebag; however, seeing the look on his face as he realized what he was applauding, I was shown that anything is possible. Brady was already a target due to his allegedly "suggestive" texts sent to some attention-seeking, sideline reporter, so of course, the media took the clip of him "looking" at the suddenly famous transvestite and ran with the suggestive misogyny. 

         What was a laughable moment in the toxic cesspool that is the sports and entertainment industry should have been a wake-up call for America. I mean, we were already accepting of the gay community, but since when did we start to celebrate the mental illness known as transgenderism? 

        Looking back at the road that led us here, a better question to ask ourselves is how did we not see this coming? If anyone sincerely thinks the entire world suddenly changed its mind about sex and gender in the last ten years, they're just as mentally damaged. 

        What had happened was one of the most coordinated and coercive brainwashing projects in history. A tiny minority of angry, sexual deviants had managed to gaslight half the planet in a breathtakingly short span. In their endless hatred for real life, they’ve fashioned a new world where men are afraid to be men and where women have dicks and five o’clock shadows. A world where women control more wealth than men, live longer than men, receive shorter criminal sentences than men, give all the dangerous jobs to men, and still insists that we live in a patriarchy. All the while, women still expect men to kill spiders and hold the door for them. It has all been part of a grand scheme, the complete subversion of our western world. I guess it could always be worse. 

        The 2016 election would have thrown our country into the overly sensitive sludge we're in today much quicker had that child-trafficking lesbian won. Thankfully, the world was still picking up the pieces from what the first black president had done, and suffice to say, we weren't quite ready for our next leader to be, not just a woman, but a huge dike, at that. Not that Trump had delayed the flood of "new normal" that was building. 

         While he did deliver on his presidential promises and brought our economy to new heights, he'd also managed to fan the flames burning within liberal progressives with his daily tweets. When the left-wing lunatics did everything they could to impeach the president, massive fires were burning down acres of vegetation, as well as any old, traditional ways of thinking, to make room for the "new normal." 

        Thanks to anti-Trump groups, political memes, media lies, crisis actors, and social movements, terms such as "white privilege," "xenophobe," "homophobe," "transphobe," and "systemic racism" became weapons of mass deception. And if that wasn't enough, leave it to our great leaders to destroy our booming economy by locking the world down after a few people die of the flu. 

         And we're just getting started, ladies and gentlemen. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm going to make it through the second act. Somewhere between people born in America thinking they're oppressed and an older man with dementia thinking he's president, the laughing started to become painful. At the same time, any joy or pleasure can only be found in self-destructive behavior. 


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    Jan 19, 2022

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