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ever have the sense of being incomplete and longing 

unfillable viod of not belonging

doctors can't find a cure

no escape heartbroken you endure

little innocent memories
 reminiscing about it was pure

flooding your dreams

waking up to the screams

deeply ripping apart the seems

only to have it be a lie

crying asking god why

missing those voices whispering in the wind

that i can only hear must be the cost of having sinned

want to undo all the wrongs i did

walls talking about violence 

even when it silent

over my body fears would tower

torcher me till my bloods sour

angry at myself for being a coward

for not get my shit together when my life started heading downward

no one could ever discribe in a simple word

of what it was like going through all that occured

mistakes made and lessons learned

my home is what I yearned

lost all my self respect so when say I love myself it's earned

even though Im still trying not to drive myself into a ditch

 even the days my body aches every inch

its not just a pinch

leaving me as moody as the grinch 

gotta lose yourself to find the authentic you

its something we all have to do

scary too have to face it alone

 im the living proof that it can be done 

time to stop being on the run

from the emotions that used to make you feel undone

when you're homesick every second of everyday

praying for the moment that aching pain goes away

in the present moment you have to stay

healing can't be easy or we wouldn't go through hell

keep fighting and I promise you'll see a finish line where you can ring the bell

this is no lie im trying to sell

its my wish I put in a well

that in my pain i no longer dwell

even on the days the voices get loud 

even in a silent crowd

homesick is being without your loved ones around

screaming on the inside even though I don't make a sound

can't you hear me my soul crying for my babies every second of every day

i still have so much pain that I don't have any words to say

trying to find some sunshine even though all i see is grey

i know one day ill be okay

ill find again one day what I lost

ill pay any cost 

do any lick

just to get rid of being homesick


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