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The fear of ‘what would the society think? ‘ is felt by almost everybody these days. Those people think of the society first before doing something because “oh! What would the society say if i do this? ” is the question that pops in their head. And the answer is-

The society won’t say anthing but judge you. The society thinks it’s their job to determine what people should do and make them feel like they are not enough and that they need to think a 100 times before doing something. And then they (society) say ‘i wonder why is today’s youth so depressed ‘.

You don’t have to think about the society if you know what you are doing is right. Don’t have to worry about the judging eyes of the people around you if your family supports you.

I am not telling you to make rash decisions because you don’t give a damn about the society. No, think twice before taking a decision, think about the consequences of that decisions, think about how much happiness it would bring to you, how it will affect you and others affected by you and then do it.

Don’t live under the peer pressure of the society. It’s your life, not society’s.


  • Jan 19, 2022

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