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Sometimes I make decisions

That time aren't my true visions

Sometimes everything will not work out

But you got to be happy for the times that did without a doubt

Sometimes you have to make yourself move on

From a love so strong that you had always prayed for all along

But since you can't have it back

And you're stuck again on the dope sack

Sometimes it's not healthy to be holding on to something gone

Even if your heart still raises wild for them every second of every day

you know you're not on their mind cuz they can't even type text hey

don't know what else to say

Reason I'm breaking down it's cuz I need you to keep the promises that you used to say

I don't have anything left from the happiness that I had

Without the love of my life my best friend my family the girls is why I'm so sad

And I have lots of fighting fits of rage filled with anxiety

No one can ever truly see or feel the pain that is inside of me

I just want to know that I'm something you never wanted to lose

Like you used to say but I guess you didn't give me a chance to choose

took me forever to realize the bad news

That you're over with me and I'm never going to be over you you

There's nothing I can say or do

That will change your mind

So much for a song "Time"

I'm sorry that wasn't enough for you to want me to be yours and you'd be mine

Sometimes you can't unlove somebody

I sat there and let the world pass in silence

Lost my days because my heads filled with violence

look at yourself in the mirror and make a choice

Am i going to sit in the pain and let it hurt the rest of your life not able to have a voice

Or will i put that fake smile on and move forward for the rest of your life and drown out all the noise


  • Mar 27, 2022

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