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Can’t you see what’s in front of you?

Past the reality you believe is true?

Behind the Golden Arches and feinted happy meals

Sitting in the dark distracted by a movie reel

Or before a false idol to whom you kneel

Living a robotic life of nine to five

For pieces of paper not worth a dime

Entrusting your life with the “heroic” boys in blue

Who are trained in fact to never trust you

Voting the puppet on the left or the puppet on the right

When both were created just to make us fight

Think this “revolution” is the result of a deadly police chokehold?

Your movements are being led by agents on a Democratic payroll

Tearing down historical statues with a hive-minded mob

Only erases history while ushering in Martial Law

For the slavery that was an integral part of our history

Paying reparations to others seemed necessary

For those living today who think it evens the score

After the damage done, reparations are needed no more

So within our politically-correct world, in any future endeavor

Pulling the race card has become revoked and buried forever

Without history, the same mistakes will be made

Take your eyes off the black mirror and see the sick political charade

We think we are moving the world toward improvement

With our rallies, picketing, and cute little movements

Feeling empowered with #MeToo? I say, Boo Hoo!

We’re all being raped by the same corporate few

Oh, so you were a victim who didn’t stand a chance?

You had every chance to open your eyes at your own ignorance

LGBT-LMNOP, it makes no difference to me

You’re all being used to implement a new policy

Among its hidden agendas hides another evil idea:

That your movement is nothing but a front to legalize pedophilia;

We need not worry about millions dying overseas

Of poverty, drugs, wars and disease

Because you did your part for third world countries—

Paying an extra dollar for your Starbucks teas

So you sit with your coffee, chatting and laughing

While our children are taken and sold into trafficking

So today, as you enjoy your tea or latte

Remember with each sip,

another child dies today.

You can agree with me or decide to not. I couldn’t give two-shits, honestly, because it is the simple truth—a small, icy shard of the massive iceberg kept hidden from the masses. I welcome you to do your own research and prove me wrong. I hope that you do, because the shit our corporate elitist rulers are getting away with is appalling and disturbing. I do not want it to be true but have discovered an overwhelming amount of evidence that suggests otherwise.

I have dedicated my life to doing everything in what little human power I have to fight against this massive agenda. I’ve been to war and have died, only to be brought back to fulfill my purpose. Death is nothing to be afraid of. We are all consciousness, which is energy, and energy can never die, only change its form.

If you read this, the purpose of this post has been fulfilled. The seed is planted. So, there it will sit in the back of your mind, allowing yourself to not only see but perceive what is happening when it inevitably crosses your path.


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    Jan 16, 2022

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