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You make my love heart
Feel so good
You give me such a feeling
That's so right
It's hard to hide

When I look at you
Your body
Your face
Your eyes
I'm lost for words
You are the one

Where ever we may go
As long as we're together
I'll go anywhere with you
I don't care about me
With you is where I wanna be

When you place your hands
Upon my body
And feel every part of me
I feel the same for you
Touch me like you do

We've been loving eachother
For such a long time
We want eachother so much
One more caress
One more touch
Always be mine
Always love me
And I'll go anywhere with you
Take me to heaven
With your kisses
Take me to paradise
In your arms
Take me to ecstasy 
Making love to me

We play music
We view the world
We watch time go by
All I wanna do
Is spend our lives
Side by side

Let's go home
Let's go uptown
Take me on vacation 
Take me on a trip
 Been feeling in love
Since we first kissed.


  • Happy new year everyone, wish everyone all the best for 2022 😊 sending out a romantic love poem to start the new year dedicated to my very special one in my life, my wonderful wife Nat xx ♥️♥️❤️😘

    Jan 16, 2022

  • Jan 16, 2022

  • Mar 11, 2022

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