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I don't understand how people who are addicted to drugs can say that their drugs and money is the way to live for myself who is addicted to meth which I am trying my best to kick this demon out of my life for good which hasn't been easy trust and believe me it has been a real struggle for me but if I could go back into time when I was first ever introduced to drugs knowing what I now know I would simply would turn down the devils hand for all drugs do for a person is quite a few things which here are some of the things that the hands of the devil causes he will make you lose anyone who is close to you your family is always the first to lose then your kids then your true friends he will either make you experience near death experiences that will soon become your death he is quite good at making you do whatever is necessary for you to get ahold of his drugs that he has brainwashed you into believing is helping you in overcome any and all of your problems just so that you will spend all of your money on drugs even go out of your way to steal from your loved ones your family your children even your friends and all of these people were once the closest as well as the people who loved and cared about you the best which they still do but they want you as far away from them as possible for they can't save you from the devil himself until you figure out what he has done destroyed while you have been eating out of his hands under his power of brainwashing you in believing that he was helping you along so do yourself a favor and turn down the devils candy don't make the same mistake as I have.

                                                 WRITTEN BY:DONNA RUTTENBUR 
                                                              JANUARY 8,2022


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