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This is the girl's Point Of View of the First Story There Will be More To come Enjoy.

A Few Months Ago

There once was a time where could go out and have fun not worrying about the little things and not to stress too much but my little ray of sunshine came crumbling down before my very eyes when I received the letter.

It has been a few months now and yet I can't eat or sleep I Feel like I am constantly being watched I can't even step outside without feeling like I am being followed I feel like I am going mad he's there I know he is I know he wants to get me I know he will try to get me,but the reality is when will he strike? I can't live like this........not for the rest of my life sad part I don't know what to do I filed a report but there is nothing the cops could do without any evidence the letters won't help there's nothing leading towards him............ Nothing.

Friday 25th June 2017
It's 8pm Time seems to be slow and steady I found a letter addressed to me I dread opening it up the envelope it's specific I already know who it is from.........It's from him I knew it he wants to see me in person but I don't want him to I don't wish to be face to Face with this Evil Entity invading my private life he makes me sick I don't even know his name or face so why does he want me why me? How does he even know who I am or what I do I wish I knew the answers.I wish there were someone on this planet that could help me now I can't help but cey it's too much this crazy stalker is to much whatever or whoever he is he needs to be stopped.

Saturday 26th June 2017
A New Letter again This might be my last writing for the rest of my life he said that he is coming to see me tomorrow how does he knows my address? I feel more unsafe then I did before I carried the letter to the cops but they brushed me off so it looks like I am on my own I hope I survive this nightmare I just don't want to live this nightmare I want to go back to my normal life just being happy.

Sunday 27th June 2017
He is Here I Locked the doors and shut the curtains The cops were called hopefully I will be saved........I just heards the glass shattering I feel he is inside I don't want to go like this I'm so scared I hope he doesn't find me my heart is racing like a car I hear his footsteps,He's in my room I'm in the closet I'm so scared I really hope he doesn't find me I don't know what to do this maybe the last I am writing in my diary.

A few months passed

Ally is missing no one knows where she is or who took her,her disappearance is still a mystery waiting to be solved.


  • Jan 15, 2022

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