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Hi so this is my first time writing a short story I do hope you like it and I am open to any advice or suggestions seeing that I am new to this Enjoy and thanks for reading.

I can't resist how I feel About you,you made my skin crawl with thoughts of us being together I planned everything out where to take you for dinner with me and where I would also propose to you...................But you had other plans and from there our love started failing miserably but I will wait for you my love even if it takes all day.

Friday 25th June 2017
Dear Ally,
I missed you dearly I can't wait to see you soon you won't believe how much this separation is killing me *sigh* I wish you where here with me but sadly you are not able to but I know we will see each other soon I will be waiting my love see you soon.

Saturday 26th June 2017
Hello again Ally,
I missed you..........guess what I am coming to visit you tomorrow I just can't take being separated so long without you I miss you so much I miss your bright blue eyes,your golden Blonde hair,the way you smile and your face lits up makes my heart stop I can't wait to see you my love see you tomorrow.

Sometime has passed

Hello again My love I came looking for you that day apparently you are missing
That's so strange where have you disappeared to? Did you go far you know you could tell me right? I will visit I won't tell anyone your location,The Cops said that they have no leads on your disappearance or your whereabouts if only they knew where to look I thought you'd be happy to see me.............but no instead you screamed and ran to the door you tried locking me out I wasn't to please and happy with that All what I have written to you and sent you,you didn't appreciate any of those gifts and letters I wasted time............I wanted you but you didn't want me didn't felt the same about me.
So I made you pay for it, it was only fair you broke my heart so I did the honor of receiving what I was owed My love for the price of a heart but you decided you didn't want to give me your heart so why not physically take it? I gave my all to you and you threw it away like if it weren't special you made it look like my love was trash but I'm satisfied now I got my revenge, Revenge is Bitter isn't it? If you could only see the look on your face right now *Turns around* you look so beautiful except your hair is now drenched in blood and your face is pale, sad really what a shame,oh and if your wondering bout those beautiful blue eyes it's in safe keeping by my desk you have no need to worry. You know Ally All those 2 Letters I wrote stated how I felt. Honestly speaking Ally I was going to start a future with you but seems to me you had other plans Ally there's nothing more I need to say to you Ally except this I hope you have learned your mistake my love you have lost your chance and don't worry no one is going to find you there's nothing left to trace you will be kept here forever until we meet again my love I will be here waiting.


  • Jan 15, 2022

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