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            A stream of bright colors flows across the screen as my thumb pushes the current faster. My eyes glance briefly at the same face posing in front of many complementary backgrounds carefully chosen for each. I have thousands to choose from and quickly need to find the right one. I'm being honored tomorrow in the local newspaper and want them to use the best picture that shows how beautiful I can be. There are so many to choose from, though—each one carefully crafted and worked on for hours sometimes. 
            I've been told by others how fake the pictures of me look. 
            How can they be fake when it's me in the picture? Everybody doctors their photos a little bit. If it's so wrong, why do they make apps for it? 
            I only want them to see that I can be beautiful too. 
            And they will. 
            Tomorrow they will see. 

            My phone had run out of storage space, so instead of deleting them forever, I printed each one to post in my room. Within a month, I'd filled an entire wall with square cutouts of me at my best. A year later, I'm surrounded, with no space left for anything but my mirror. I would cover that up, but I need it to get ready for school. It's the worst picture of me, and no one wants to see that. Nobody will have to after today.
            Tomorrow, everyone will take back everything they've said about me.

*This was for writing contest with the theme of "Selfie," maximum 250 words. 


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    Jan 15, 2022

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