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Who was there when you felt like welting flower. Who was there when you felt no power? Who was there when loss your hope. Not him nof her not them nope!!! Who was their when you gave up on that little pawnshop promise and was shocked at the world. Where were you when you had kids to explain death to little boy and little girl. You pushed and pushed my hope to boundaries that i couldnt believe i over came. I could walk on water when with jesus in his name. I could over come sorrow with Jesus's name. I sought and seen i already came. Jesus let me float skywalking feeling so free. All i had to do was just believe. Size of a mustard sead led me to breathe. I gave it all up so you took my struggle replaced it with love like warm cuddle. I lost that pain even when i have memories in my brain.  God helped float god helped believe all i needed was my mustard seed. God in your name i will bleed. God gave me the hope to just believe. God told me ill reunite with you again so my kids can see there daddy. God told me cancer takes the best. But ive journey in this world thats left. Ill live love harder then ever. God loves me and Jesus too. In his name im instrument im a tool.


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